Saturday, March 12, 2011


I have no predilection for tattoos of any kind. Using your body as a canvas does not appeal to me. There is nothing attractive or fascinating about it. I can't think of any word, symbol, quote, or name I would want permanently tattooed on my body.  Therefore, you won't find any on me.

The other day I learned one of my daughters had gotten a new tattoo. She sent me a picture via her blackberry. It was four skulls with pink bows growing up a vine. It was similar to this. What could I say she is grown. She told me, "I love skulls." Now she has five of them.

Most of the people I interviewed had obtained tattoos for different reasons. Some indicated it was done to prove how much they loved someone, honor a deceased love one, child's name, and they belonged to a group or organization. Many sailors, prisoners, musicians, motorcycle members, athletes,  display some form of inked art on them.

What is acceptable today may not be acceptable tomorrow.  I am all for self-expression but sometimes having a plethora of tattoos may cause people to make negative assumptions about you.  Some tattoos are so distracting it has prompted employers to have a no visible tattoo policy.

Getting a new tattoo because your favorite rapper or movie star has one is ludicrous. Young people don't think about Hepatitis, HIV, blood poising and skin infections. They just follow the passing fads,  talk about the rush they feel, how addicting it is, and how many more they are going to get.

I would not want this tattoo to be my claim to fame. 

What about people or artist who can't spell and end up with this.

Who wants to read the scripture about love while going through the back door? 

You can lick the kitty cat.

You can also lick the butterfly. You decide.

 You can brand your butt.
Inside the lip is available.

Don't leave out the tongue.
 There is no place sacred on the body. If there is a spot it can be tattoo.

I will never understand why some people choose to modify there body and endure the most excruciating pain for self-expression. As the Isley Brothers once said, "It's your thang do whatcha wanna do."

Queen of Hearts 


  1. I don't have any tattoos either. I just can't think of anything that I would want tattooed to my body for all eternity.

    The scripture one though. I think I could get used to reading scripture like that.

  2. I dont have any either. It's not my thing. I dont like the way they look...on anybody. Especially women. You sure did find some pretty ratchet pictures! They just further sealed the deal for me.

  3. I do have 3 tatts on me but they are DEF not that big or ridiculous...LOL! Those are some pretty crazy tatts, but to each its own. I am not really a tatter...? but I do ENJOY some random piercings. *smile* I don't care for the massive drawings all over one's body but if its pretty cool looking and NOT on me I'm fine with it. *smile* ENJOY the rest of ya day, ma.