Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Agony of Da Feet

Everyone has something about their body they would change if they could. We are rarely satisfied with what God gave us. I wonder if God is sensitive about his creations like most artist are.

I have a very dominate gene that runs throughout my DNA and when you mix your DNA with another individual's DNA, you never know how those genes will mix. This gene is so dominate that I tried to make a deal with God. 

If I could ask God for anything it would be an arch. Yes, an arch. An arch for my two feet.

I have flat feet and they have caused me lots of grief over the years. When your feet are flat it's like walking on your ankles.

It affects my posture and I can't always do what people with  normal feet can. My feet hurt when I stand, walk or run for long periods of time. I can't wear cute stylish heels or the latest flats because my feet look deformed in some shoes. I can remember children teasing me asking me, " why do you have duck feet?"  "Why do your feet lean over in your shoes?"  "When take your shoes off, why are your shoes hecka wide?"   Oh Lawd,  the agony of not having an arch. 

When I was pregnant with my first child, I thought about all the things about me I didn't want my child(ren) to inherit. Flat feet was it. I made a simple request to God.

Me: Dear God, I know every good and perfect gift comes from you. I thank you that my womb is blessed.
God could you please not give my baby flat feet?

Of course God did not answer me right then. However, God does have a funny sense of humor and in time God did answer me.

Me: Thank you GOD for my daughter who is beautiful and perfect in every way. But, she has flat feet! Sigh.*

Me: Okay God, I understand. I had the audacity to tell you how to do your job. I'm sorry.

God: I blessed you  with five beautiful children and five beautiful grandchildren all who are fearfully and wonderfully made. Everything I make is good.
Me: Thank you God. I'm grateful for my blessings flat feet and all.

Queen of Hearts

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Worried? Not me.

There is nothing that wastes the body like worry, and one who has any faith in God should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever.~ Mohandas Gandhi

It seems a lot of folks are worried about things today. However, I found the solution to worry. 
See diagram below.

Queen of Hearts

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'M IN! - OBAMA 2012

 I was so proud when we elected Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America.
I love my President!

Last month I became a volunteer at a local grass roots office to help re-elect President Obama. I've  been making phone calls and recruiting others to join us in making him a two-term president.

Remember what then President - elect Obama said in his speech back on November 5, 2008? "Yes We Can" not Yes, I Can. Now is not the time for us withdraw our help, turn our backs, cop out, put him down or believe the lies of the biased media.

In 2008 history was made.  Let's carry the same enthusiasm, excitement,and  momentum into 2012.   We have a beautiful first family.Let's continue to pray for their safety.  President Obama is a great family man who is  loved and adored by his wife and daughters. He is a brilliant man who is committed, has dignity, integrity and a vision for our future.

Since President Obama took office, he inherited  record deficits, high unemployment, two wars, health care system in crisis, depressed economy and a multitude of other problems. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders and has been engaged in an uphill battle with a plethora of opponents working against him. I don't know of any other president who has been so overtly disrespected. The endless lies about his birthplace and citizenship. Rush Limbaugh saying, "I hope Obama fails." Journalist Mark Halperin had the audacity to call  President Obama a "dick." Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel saying, "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."

Being President of the United States is a daunting job. I am convinced that this highly intelligent man is doing the best he can given all the opposition he faces daily. Is he perfect? No. Have I disagreed at times? Yes. Have I questioned some of his decisions? Yes.  Do I still believe in him? Yes I do.

President Obama has a substantial record of  accomplishments and kept many of his promises. Many changes have begun and will continue if he is re-elected. Our President can not campaign the way he did in 2008 as he is a sitting president.Therefore, we must step-up and do it for him.   Let's re-elect President Obama to a second term.

Are you IN? 

Queen of Hearts

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Golden Ticket

If you live in California and speak Spanish, you hold the " golden ticket."
Spanish speaking people are the fastest growing minority group in America and soon will become the majority according to U.S. Census.  Many of the new immigrants are choosing not assimilate but instead maintain their culture and language and not speak or learn English.

 English is the standard language of the United States. If you migrated here and want citizenship, you need to learn to speak English.

Bilingual jobs are in high demand.You are a very valuable employee if you are bilingual. Most employers offer higher pay in order to recruit and retain bilingual employees. There is a pay differential that can get you an extra 20% per hour hour or more. Most human service or customer service jobs need bilingual workers. If you speak Spanish you have the "golden ticket" to employment in law enforcement, medical, social work, hotels, banks and the list goes on.

 I just completed an intensive 12-Week post- bachelor internship program in the psychosocial rehabilitation model of mental health services. Each week I was required to apply for a job in hopes that I would be hired by the time the internship was over.  Before applying for this internship I had been unemployed for over two years and had sent out hundreds of cover letters and resumes with not response. I blamed the bad economy.  During the employment preparation lecture, the facilitator stood before the group and stated, "you have the golden ticket if you speak Spanish. This means you can maneuver in two worlds. Place that information at the top of your resume so it is seen right away." Hearing that information, I became a little discouraged. Nevertheless, I continued to apply for jobs. Now the internship has ended and I remain unemployed.

At the end of each job post were familiar words that disqualified me from a job I was otherwise qualified to do.
-Must be Fluent in Spanish
-Bilingual Spanish/English required
-Bilingual A Plus
-Spanish speaking required
-Bi-lingual Spanish preferred
-Must be able read/write Spanish

The moral of this post is: Get the "GOLDEN TICKET" or be left out!

Queen of Hearts

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I have no predilection for tattoos of any kind. Using your body as a canvas does not appeal to me. There is nothing attractive or fascinating about it. I can't think of any word, symbol, quote, or name I would want permanently tattooed on my body.  Therefore, you won't find any on me.

The other day I learned one of my daughters had gotten a new tattoo. She sent me a picture via her blackberry. It was four skulls with pink bows growing up a vine. It was similar to this. What could I say she is grown. She told me, "I love skulls." Now she has five of them.

Most of the people I interviewed had obtained tattoos for different reasons. Some indicated it was done to prove how much they loved someone, honor a deceased love one, child's name, and they belonged to a group or organization. Many sailors, prisoners, musicians, motorcycle members, athletes,  display some form of inked art on them.

What is acceptable today may not be acceptable tomorrow.  I am all for self-expression but sometimes having a plethora of tattoos may cause people to make negative assumptions about you.  Some tattoos are so distracting it has prompted employers to have a no visible tattoo policy.

Getting a new tattoo because your favorite rapper or movie star has one is ludicrous. Young people don't think about Hepatitis, HIV, blood poising and skin infections. They just follow the passing fads,  talk about the rush they feel, how addicting it is, and how many more they are going to get.

I would not want this tattoo to be my claim to fame. 

What about people or artist who can't spell and end up with this.

Who wants to read the scripture about love while going through the back door? 

You can lick the kitty cat.

You can also lick the butterfly. You decide.

 You can brand your butt.
Inside the lip is available.

Don't leave out the tongue.
 There is no place sacred on the body. If there is a spot it can be tattoo.

I will never understand why some people choose to modify there body and endure the most excruciating pain for self-expression. As the Isley Brothers once said, "It's your thang do whatcha wanna do."

Queen of Hearts 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Is The Grass Greener?

After leaving a recent job interview, I called my oldest daughter to inform her that I'm moving to another state. I'm tired of California.  There is nothing happening here for me. My daughter replied,"again mom...really? When you get home check your email then call me with your decision."

Sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side until you get there and see it is full of bullshit. I'll think I will stay put and continue to explore my options.

Queen of Hearts

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Makes Me Wonder

I'm sure that many florist, jewelers, candy makers,wedding planners, restaurants, hotels, motels, stores and street vendors made lots of money on Valentine's Day. After all February is the month of love.
I wonder how many couples broke up so one of them wouldn't have to purchase a gift for the other. I wonder how many couples argued because one didn't get the gift they desired or didn't appreciate what was done for them. I wonder how many ladies called their significant other to say "you don't love me because I didn't receive flowers at work." I wonder how many lovers had wonderful romantic plans and went all out to please one another. Expressions of love should be given all year. Love is  not about a man made holiday designed to make you prove how much you love someone and empty your pockets.

  Black History Month is also celebrated in the month of February. This is the month that Blacks and others commemorate African Americans who have changed the world.  How we were expected to tell our history that is so rich and vast in a month?

 When I was a youngster in school, back in the day, it was called Negro History Week. As usual, given the time constraint, we manage to celebrate in style all over the world. I wonder what the world would like be like if the slave ships only stopped in America. I know it would be void of the gifts, talents and contributions made by African people all over the world.

Queen of Hearts

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fortitude in 2011

It is with great fortitude that I continue to go the limit.
I feel like I have been through 
the  Fire
Through the Storm
and it is only February!

 I moved in January and everything I own is sitting in a 5'X10" storage unit. Now I have the pleasure of listening to my children dialogue about whose residence I can crash at and when. Of course they all claim that I am welcome to stay with them at anytime.  I always keep my suitcase and backpack ready for travel.

  My computer crashed not from a virus but a  nasty Trojan Horse who took over my computer and locked me out. I was devastated because I use my computer for everything. It is my life line to the outside world. Thank you Brian for doing what you do best and putting a sistah back online.

 I'm still searching for work and sending out Resumes and Cover Letters into cyberspace. Periodically, I may have interview and I'm usually told "you are over qualified" or " we went with a candidate that more closely matched our criterion" or "good luck with your search." Don't these people understand that I have student loans to pay back.

Someone stole my identity and used my social security number and earned $62,000 for the year. What a great year that individual had. It has been a nightmare for me having to prove to the IRS I didn't earn that money and I don't owe taxes on it.

Facebook is history. I shutdown my Facebook page and I don't miss it at all.. I thought about the plethora of information I was giving out on myself, children, friends and other family members without being forced or coerced. The cunning and deceptive ways of Big Brother were to much for me. So I shut the shit down!

No matter what comes my way I will survive.

Queen of Hearts

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Books, Books & More Books

At the end of this month I will be moving from my apartment. What a way to start the new year . I hate moving with a passion. There are so many expenses involved, renting a truck , buying boxes, tape, bubble wrap and renting a storage unit.

Each time I move I downsize. My place gets smaller and smaller.

I gave away and donated many items. However, there is one thing  I can not part with, my books.

At one time I had so many books my friends and family had to complete index cards so I could keep up with which books were loaned out.

I have books I have already read, books I plan to read, books I am currently reading, books I just want to keep forever.

Many books are from school and my many continued education classes in the field of mental health.

I can spend all day in any book store not just Borders. I am perplexed about why we can't  find bookstores in the hood.  As long as the immutable lie that black people don't read continues, we may never see bookstores there.

I have several Bibles with different translations, reference books, concordances, and other materials. Ready to check and cross-reference the scriptures.

I love libraries as much as bookstores. Free internet and books galore.  It is  reprehensible that the days and hours that the library is available has been severely affected by budget cuts. 

Not only did I start my own book club, I also had membership at several other clubs. What can I say, I enjoy the fellowship and the lively discussions .

I'm sad my new place does not have room for bookshelves.
 So I have decided to donate or toss some of the paperback books and will pack up the rest of my precious books. So many decisions! Sigh.

 Time to contact my daughters and have them ask their  boyfriend, husband, fiancee, significant other, etc., to keep the last Sunday of the month free.

 I will help unload my things.  The boxes with the books will be placed towards the front of storage unit for easy access.

It will be daunting to adjust to a micro sized apartment. It won't be the same without my books all around me.

Queen of Hearts