Saturday, January 15, 2011

Books, Books & More Books

At the end of this month I will be moving from my apartment. What a way to start the new year . I hate moving with a passion. There are so many expenses involved, renting a truck , buying boxes, tape, bubble wrap and renting a storage unit.

Each time I move I downsize. My place gets smaller and smaller.

I gave away and donated many items. However, there is one thing  I can not part with, my books.

At one time I had so many books my friends and family had to complete index cards so I could keep up with which books were loaned out.

I have books I have already read, books I plan to read, books I am currently reading, books I just want to keep forever.

Many books are from school and my many continued education classes in the field of mental health.

I can spend all day in any book store not just Borders. I am perplexed about why we can't  find bookstores in the hood.  As long as the immutable lie that black people don't read continues, we may never see bookstores there.

I have several Bibles with different translations, reference books, concordances, and other materials. Ready to check and cross-reference the scriptures.

I love libraries as much as bookstores. Free internet and books galore.  It is  reprehensible that the days and hours that the library is available has been severely affected by budget cuts. 

Not only did I start my own book club, I also had membership at several other clubs. What can I say, I enjoy the fellowship and the lively discussions .

I'm sad my new place does not have room for bookshelves.
 So I have decided to donate or toss some of the paperback books and will pack up the rest of my precious books. So many decisions! Sigh.

 Time to contact my daughters and have them ask their  boyfriend, husband, fiancee, significant other, etc., to keep the last Sunday of the month free.

 I will help unload my things.  The boxes with the books will be placed towards the front of storage unit for easy access.

It will be daunting to adjust to a micro sized apartment. It won't be the same without my books all around me.

Queen of Hearts

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  1. I sold my house, so I'll be moving in a couple of weeks.

    I will not throw away a single solitary book though. I own hundreds and I plan on taking them with me.

    I love to read. I'm currently reading "The Twelfth Imam" by Joel Rosenberg.