Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fortitude in 2011

It is with great fortitude that I continue to go the limit.
I feel like I have been through 
the  Fire
Through the Storm
and it is only February!

 I moved in January and everything I own is sitting in a 5'X10" storage unit. Now I have the pleasure of listening to my children dialogue about whose residence I can crash at and when. Of course they all claim that I am welcome to stay with them at anytime.  I always keep my suitcase and backpack ready for travel.

  My computer crashed not from a virus but a  nasty Trojan Horse who took over my computer and locked me out. I was devastated because I use my computer for everything. It is my life line to the outside world. Thank you Brian for doing what you do best and putting a sistah back online.

 I'm still searching for work and sending out Resumes and Cover Letters into cyberspace. Periodically, I may have interview and I'm usually told "you are over qualified" or " we went with a candidate that more closely matched our criterion" or "good luck with your search." Don't these people understand that I have student loans to pay back.

Someone stole my identity and used my social security number and earned $62,000 for the year. What a great year that individual had. It has been a nightmare for me having to prove to the IRS I didn't earn that money and I don't owe taxes on it.

Facebook is history. I shutdown my Facebook page and I don't miss it at all.. I thought about the plethora of information I was giving out on myself, children, friends and other family members without being forced or coerced. The cunning and deceptive ways of Big Brother were to much for me. So I shut the shit down!

No matter what comes my way I will survive.

Queen of Hearts


  1. One day I'm sure you'll look back on these few months and shake your head and wonder how you got through it. Life is forever providing us with the ups and downs that make up this rollercoaster ride called life.

    Good luck

  2. Wow! I can totally relate though. 2011 has been a pain for me so far too. But just like me readers told me, You can only go up from here. So here's to going up!

  3. Reggie, Did I mention I hate roller coasters. You are right, one day I will look back and wonder how I made it through. Until then, I'm holding on for dear life as I ride this roller coaster.

  4. K. Rock, I'm looking up, holding up, pushing up, moving up, and you are right I can only go up from here.