Monday, September 6, 2010

Party Over Here

It's Labor Day Weekend. This means the end of summer and back to school.
I was unofficially invited to two house parties this weekend.   Lucky me.
On Saturday night, my Hispanic, Mexican, Latino, (whatever is politically correct) neighbors had a party.  The music was so loud it sounded as if they were in my living room.  They had a live band and DJ that played a variety of music. The music started with the traditional Spanish music, then pop music, some R&B,  Rap and back to Spanish music.  I couldn't pass up this opportunity to exercise with all this lively music playing. So,  I rearranged my furniture, mopped my floors, scrubed my bathroom and cleaned the kitchen. I can't tell you what time the party ended. However,  I stopped dancing and cleaning at 2:30 a.m  and turned in for the night.

On Sunday night, the African Americans, Blacks,  (whatever is politically correct) neighbors had their party. When the party started only Rap and Hip Hop Music was being played. I enjoyed some of it but, after a couple hours of listening to women being called "gold digger", "gangsta bitch," "baby momma," "a freak," and "diva,"  then  told  "back that ass up," "drop it like it's hot," " ride this" and "lick that," I was tired. 

Then suddenly the music changed and it began to resonate with my spirit. The DJ started playing the Dramatics, the Dells, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson,  Spinners, Teddy Pendergrass and many, many other great old school artist.  Each song took me to a different place and time. It was wonderful to travel down memory lane.  What time did the party end? I don't know because I drifted off to sleep listening to music that made my heart happy. 

Queen of Hearts

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