Friday, September 24, 2010

A Job...What's that?

If you are a 50-plus out of work individual, you may be doomed to joblessness according to the current reports on television, radio and internet.

I have been searching for a job nearly two years. I have diligently sent countless Resumes with Cover Letters and followed up on each job lead sent my way. I've sent my information into cyberspace and received very few responses. With my skills and experience, I never thought I would have a problem obtaining a job. After
all, I have never been unemployed, I've worked most of my life and payed into the system for decades.

Nestled away in my closet are boxes that contain a plethora of Trophies, Plaques, Diplomas, Certificates of Recognition, Achievement, Training, Completion, Service and Volunteer awards that document my work history. They only mean something to me. When I die my children will probably toss those items in the trash. Sort of  like 50-plus workers are being tossed into the unemployment lines.

So where in cyberspace is my Resume? Why no response? What happens to all your personal information?
 My sister-in-law placed an ad on Craig's List for a cashier in her bakery. She stated," I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of Resumes I received for a part-time position."  That is what happens each time a job ad is placed. Thousands of people apply for the same job and overwhelms the HR department. Maybe they start by throwing away all the 50 and over Resumes. Hummmm...

The workforce has changed and employers are looking for younger workers they can pay less wages.
Someone younger will bring in fresh ideas and know the latest technology, upgrade the office system, and eliminate more jobs humans used to do.  Recently, I overheard a worker at a Temporary Agency on the phone stating," this client is looking for front office, you know young, attractive, blond."  Sex sells and employers desire to hire attractive females and males to represent their company.
Money makes the world go round. The workforce can be shared by old and new workers. Older workers bring experience and wisdom with them. It creates the perfect opportunity for each generation to learn from the other. It is illegal for employers to discriminate based on age, but they blatantly do it everyday. We can't prove it, but if you are 50-plus and out of work you experience it daily.

What do you do when you have depleted your savings account, 401K, and unemployment benefits? What do you do when you are not old enough to receive Social Security Benefits?  Answer:  Keep looking for a job.

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