Friday, October 1, 2010

Creator or the Creation

The Spirit of GOD dwells within me.  My personal relationship with GOD is not based on any organized religion, leader, or movement.

Some of my deepest hurts, most painful memories, and betrayals came from people within the church. It wasn't sinners or unsaved heathen who hurt me.  It was Bible toting, tongue talking, crucifix wearing, holy ghost-filled, self-righteous, judgmental, Saints of God, who annihilated my spirit.

I learned many years ago, no matter what title the man or woman of the cloth may hold, (i.e. Missionary, Evangelist, Bishop, Elder, Minister, Preacher, Teacher, Deacon, Pastor, Rabbi, Priest, Nun, Pope, Prophetess, etc.), they are human first.

In other words, they are men and women, who are not perfect, who struggle with the same emotions, temptations, sins and challenges that we all have.  It is important not to place your faith in man, but put your faith in GOD. Don't worship the creation (man), worship the Creator (GOD).

Many people have deviated from organized religion for many reasons. For some it was the reprehensible behavior exhibited by leadership with rituals, man-made rules, cliques, judgments and scandals. There is no perfect church. If one existed, as soon as you or I joined, it would become imperfect. Why? Because neither of us are perfect and at times we have succumb to our own vices. This is why it is so important that we learn to worship the Creator and not the creation.

Re-establish your focus!

Queen of Hearts

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