Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't Text Me

I loathe text messaging.
It's because of my children that I keep up with technology. They strongly encouraged me to learn how to text and be part of the 21st Century. I will be the first to admit I felt very incompetent and frustrated while acquiring this skill.

There are three reasons I despise text messaging and the way it has changed my life.

1. I receive incomplete abbreviated text messages I can not decipher. Before I can respond, I have to consult the text message glossary, text message abbreviation page, along with the icons and symbols directory. One of my daughters had the audacity to tell me she hated receiving text messages from me because I type out every word.

Tell me who can decode this: AFAlK BM&Y H8 B3 ruok

2. I believe text messaging makes people lazy about learning and using proper English. Remember the big deal made about using slang, and talking in Ebonics? Well, add text lingo to that list. In text lingo the spelling is atrocious, punctuation and grammar are worst. Yet it appears to be acceptable today.

3. Text messaging disconnects you from others and promotes rude social behavior. I personally think it is very rude to take every call from your cell phone when you with others. It is equally rude to sit and send text messages while at dinner or on a date. How can you enjoy the company of others when your attention is elsewhere.

Texting is so impersonal it has taken the place of telephone or in-person conversations. Remember when you could expect a phone call from friends and family during the holidays? Today people send mass text messages instead of picking up the telephone and talking. It is really a shame because sometimes you want to hear your love one's voice. Think about the last holiday. Did you receive a text message or a telephone call?

Queen of Hearts


  1. Wait so what did that text message mean? I am pretty text savvy and don't have a clue what that meant

  2. Here is what the text said.
    AFALK - As far as I'm concerned
    bm&y - Between me and you
    H8 - Hate
    B3 - Blah, Blah, Blah
    RUOK - are you okay