Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I Love Thugs

Today while standing at the bus stop, a young man caught my eye. We made eye contact and he smiled. He had missing teeth but those that remained were capped in gold. He was dressed in a black t-shirt, both exposed arms covered with tattoos, baggie jeans, a white wave cap with a black hat, and a long gold chain with huge cross. He sported a black backpack that held his inventory.

I continued to watch this young man interact with other people who had gathered to wait on the bus. He exhibited his gold grillz which shinned like his charismatic personally.

He approached me and asked, "Do you want to buy some movies today?"
I replied, "No thanks" but decided to engaged the young man in conversation.

Me: "Can you give me a lesson in Business 101 street style? What motivates you to get up every morning and sell movies?"

Him: "The Man upstairs, HE wakes me up every morning. Somebody didn't wake up this morning but I did. It's a beautiful day. I'm happy, no complaints and no reason to be mad."

Me: " How do you deal with the rejection?"

Him: "God said HE would supply all my needs. That means daily. I may be riding the bus, but one day I'm gonna be driving a truck. I may not have the best clothes or the best place to live, but I'm grateful. There is someone worst off than me."

Me:" What keeps you going?"

Him: "I'm out here for my son. My mother was a prostitute out here in these streets. I have to provide for my son and let him know that he can be whatever he wants to be. I've been out here on my own five years. I've been through a lot of things in these streets - slept on people's floor, I've been robbed, beaten, and a lot more. I can't let that stop me from what I got to do."

Me: "If you keep standing on the promises of God, you'll be okay."

Him: "Just like Peter, you know, God told him he could walk on water as long as he kept his eyes on God. As soon as Peter took his eyes off God he began to sink. I'm like Peter, my eyes are on GOD. I'm gonna be okay.

The bus arrived and I thought the young man was going to board. Instead he went the opposite way, crossed the street and stood at another bus stop. As the bus pulled off, I could see him flashing his gold grillz to other potential customers.

Sometimes we judge the messenger and miss the message.

I was inspired by this young man and his determination to make it. I wish him love, peace and blessings.

Queen of Hearts

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